I really want you, but I can’t have you 

I wanna do some things, I know that I can’t do (2x’s) 

Verse 1

Wish I could pick you up, then lay you down 

Kiss you in the front, then turn you around 

I wanna make sweet love, I’m prepared to 

Wanna tell you how I really feel, but I’m scared to


Verse 2

Wish I could runaway and steal you 

I've never touched you girl, but I feel you 

It’s just my flesh that’s promoting this 

It's like I have a treasure chest, and I can’t open it 


Non-Lyrical Bridge

Verse 3

If you could see the way, she looks at me 

Baby just don’t know what I wish it could be 

You’re all I think about, and I can’t control it 

About to explode inside and I can’t hold it! 



"Love Can't Define This"   

Verse 1:

Just when I thought that dreams wouldn’t come true   

I prayed for guidance and God led me straight to you   

You made it clear from the start there were no games I could play   

So I left and came back now I’m here to stay   


Love can’t define this, can’t capture all your sweetness and kindness    

Love can’t define this…we’re crippled and love would only blind us    

Love can’t define this, it has to be the Lord that’s behind this    

Love can’t define this, it’s once in a lifetime you will find this   

Verse 2

If love makes the heart tremble, then we are the earthquake   

Love is a pool of tears, and we are the great lakes      

And love is every star, and we’re the whole universe   

We are the list of greatest hits and love is just one verse…   



Life has been good, think how good it can be   

Especially with the way you keep looking at me


Love can't define this...

Love can't define this...


"Sweetest Memories"

The first time I saw you, you put a “Smile on my face” 

Thought you were forbidden fruit, I would never taste 

If I’m being honest, I got a craving for you 

Looking forward to a lifetime of misbehaving with you 

You’re on another level, another stratosphere 

The thought of ever losing you, is my biggest fear 

 If I don't know how, I'm sho gone try

to keep you happy for the rest of my life

I''m keeping the faith, cause I do believe

It's all about the little things that make the sweetest memories

I’ll cook from time to time, run you the perfect bath 

Tell every joke I can just to see you laugh 

Date you every chance I get, & actually listen to you 

Send random gifts to your job, just cause I’m missing you 



Little memories…keep my blood flowing 

Sweetest memories, little memories, really keep me going  

Sweetest memories, little memories…keep my blood flowing  

Sweetest memories, little memories, really keep me going  

Praising God in church, almost every week 

Making love to you all night, ‘till you can barely speak 

If I make a mistake girl, I’ll own it like a man 

Just don’t ever doubt the fact, I’m doing all I can 


Chorus (2x's)